Choose a membership plan that's right for you

MCA Security Plan

$9.95 / Month


Total Security Plan

$19.95 / Month

24 Hour Emergency Road Service and Towing

Unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance when you're driving, including towing within 45 minutes of your call.

  1. • Jump Start
  2. • Flat Tire Change
  3. • Fuel Delivery
  4. • Lockout Service
  5. • Emergency Towing

With "Sign-and-Drive" MCA will get you back on the road or to a servicing facility with no out of pocket expense.

Get towing to nearest facility for covered cars or pick up trucks.

Get towing to any facility within 100 miles for covered cars or pick up trucks.

Up to $100 coverage for emergency roadside towing of:

  1. • boat trailers being pulled by your covered vehicle
  2. • utility trailers being pulled by your covered vehicle
  3. • while you are driving your RV
  4. • while you are driving your pickup with a load capacity of 1 ton or greater
  5. • while you are driving your pickup of a dual wheel class

This is only available for the Total Security product.

Legal Defense Coverage

Legal Defense
MCA will pay up to $2,000 for your attorney to defend you against police charges resulting from driving your covered auto. You pick your own attorney and MCA will reimburse up to the amount covered. (With the exception of NY. MCA will pay directly.)
  1. • Up to $200 for covered Moving Violations
  2. • Up to $500 covered auto related personal injury matters
  3. • Up to $500 covered vehicle damage issues
  4. • Up to $2,000 for covered auto related Negligent Homicide or Vehicular Manslaughter

Arrest Bond Protection
When involved in a traffic violation, your MCA card is good for $500 in cash appearance bond to give to the officer in lieu of taking your driver’s license or credit card. (Keep your driver’s license at the time of the violation.) Not in the State of California.

Bail Bond Protection
Motor Club of America will pay for the cost of a bail bond - up to 10% of the amount of the bond - on a bond amount up to $25,000.00 when you are arrested as the result of being involved in an auto accident while driving your covered auto. We will not be a surety on any bail bond, and only contract to pay a professional bail bondsman's fee. Restrictions and exclusions apply for DUI and hit and runs.

Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement

Car Rental Coverage
When a Member’s car is undriveable due to an auto accident, MCA will cover up to $500 for you to rent a car while your car is being repaired, or up to $500 for food, lodging or transportation if the accident occurs more than 50 miles from home.

Stolen Vehicle Reward
If your car or vehicle is stolen, we'll help get it back faster by offering a $5,000 reward. The reward will be paid to the law enforcement agency or individual responsible for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief. The reward is not payable to you, your family, or other Members on your MCA membership.

Farm and Ranch Reward
We will pay a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing a Member's livestock, saddle and tack, trailers, or farm equipment. Reward will not be paid to you or any of your relatives.

Trip Planning and Travel Reservations
Concierge Service - Members can call our member service department and will arrange your airline, hotel, or car rental needs using your credit cards. The mapping service consists of the member providing us with their auto travel plans with stops indicated, then our service will provide the member with a customized map of their route with points of interest along the way and at their destinations.

Medical Expense Benefits

Emergency Reimbursement Benefits
If you go to the emergency room as a result of a covered accident, you can receive up to $500 with up to $100 payout for each of the following:
  1. • Cast or Splint
  2. • Ambulance Service
  3. • Anesthetic
  4. • X-Rays
  5. • Emergency Room Facility Cost

Daily Hospital Benefit
If you're hospitalized as a result of a covered accident, we'll cover your stay for up to $150 per day for a full year.

Accidental Death Benefit

We've got you covered. Your estate will receive $10,000 if you die as a direct result of injuries received in a covered accident.

Optional AD&D Coverage

As a member, you may enroll, free of charge, in one of three additional all-accident AD&D coverages to suit your needs*:

  1. 1. You, as named member, up to $50,000; or
  2. 2. You and your spouse, up to $25,000 each, plus job retraining is available for surviving spouse in many cases; or
  3. 3. You for up to $30,000, your spouse for up to $15,000, and your children up to $3,500 each. Optional benefits include job retraining for surviving spouse, continuing childcare and continuing education support.

* The election form must be received in our office before coverage goes into effect. See form for limitations and exclusions.

Worldwide Travel Assistance

24/7 emergency medical assistance services worldwide
Including emergency evacuation and repatriation services whenever you are traveling 100 miles or more away from your principal residence.
  1. • Medical Evacuation
  2. • Medical Repatriation
  3. • Non-Medical Repatriation
  4. • Return of Remains
  5. • Visit to Hospital
  6. • Return of Child
  7. • Return of Companion


Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?
A: Yes, you are not locked into a contract. You may cancel at any time, simply by calling the corporate office at 1-866-467-2221
Q: When am I eligible for Emergency Road Service and other MCA services?
A: Your membership is active as soon as you sign up, and you are eligible for road service 24 hours after your membership has been processed. Pre-existing road service issues are not covered by your membership.
Q: What is the process of using the roadside assistance?
A: Your MCA benefit package will cover you when in need. You will receive a member ID card in the mail via US Postal Service within 10 business days. If you ever need assistance, please call the telephone number located on the back of your membership card. If you need emergency roadside assistance before your membership card arrives at your home, don't worry, we can still assist you with your member ID number provided to you as soon as you join. All members must wait 24 hours before they can use any of the roadside assistance benefits.
Q: How do I know when a tow truck is coming?
A: The MCA team will be in contact with you through the entire process. Just describe your situation and your location, and we’ll be there to help.
Q: Does my MCA cover multiple vehicles?
A: Yes it does, as long as the cardholder is driving. We dispatch the best professional roadside service available to ensure quick service and to give you peace of mind.
Q: When will I receive my membership card?
A: You will receive an email and/or text link which will describe your membership benefits within hours of purchasing your membership. A membership card will be sent via parcel post. You should receive your card within 7-10 days after you sign up.

Our agents are happy to discuss the MCA Protection Plans with you so you can determine which plan best meets your needs.

We can be reached 7 days a week (866) 467-2221